Malaysia Business Advisory Services for Foreigners!

Malaysia Business Advisory Services for Foreigners

At MalaysiaBizAdvisory, we “simplify your business investment” to meet your objectives in Malaysia! We act as your Independent Investment Consultant to provide full range of Malaysia’s business advisory services outlined as follows, especially tailored to foreigners from setting up your business complete with valid visa for you and family to stay in Malaysia. 

Malaysia Immigration Visa Application for foreigners:

Various Malaysia Business Entity Eligible for Foreigners:
Incorporating of Malaysian Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) of these categories:

  1. 100% foreign owned (minimum RM500,000 paid-up capital depends on nature of business)
  2. Joint venture with local Malaysian
Other types of entity foreigners can set-up:
  • Labuan International Companies
    Suitable for foreigners who like to use Malaysia as a base to connect the world with businesses, all transactions in foreign currencies. Labuan Company tax rates are very attractive of 3% or maximum of RM20,000 only. Any transactions with Malaysian companies will subject to Malaysia Corporate normal tax rates of 24%.  There are many different usage of Labuan International companies, it vary depends on your needs. Click here to understand the advantages of setting up the Labuan International company in Malaysia. 
  • Regional or Representative Office Status
    3 years’ office approval with allowed activities for research, fact finding, co-ordination, sourcing, import and export.
    2 years’ expatriate work permit is also applicable to the their family. No tax and audit accounts required to comply.
    More on Representative/Regional Office, please click here! 
  • Operational Head Quarter Status 
    Approval for 10-years tax free incentives. Paid-up capital with a minimum of RM2.5 million with co-ordination, sales and procurement among the branches worldwide. Unlimited number of expatriate positions depends on job justifications.
  • MSC Status Company
    Applicable for foreign and Malaysian companies in the Information, Communications and Technology sector. Income tax-free incentives for 5 years and Investment Tax allowances of 10 years with free import on all equipments. Freedom to source capital and borrow funds globally. Unlimited number of expatriates positions with job justifications is allowed.

[Check out why it is important to know the right entity to set-up for foreigners]

Application of Business Licenses Service:

For Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company, most businesses would require some forms of business license. We will guide you the right type of licenses required based on your nature of business to register your company is the right manner from the very beginning to ensure all necessary approvals are obtained to final step obtaining the expatriate visa for you and your employees. Click here for more on business licenses.

Most of the Labuan International Trading Companies do not required any licenses, check out why Labuan International Company now getting popular!  [Read: What is the difference between Malaysian Sdn Bhd company and Labuan International Company]

Acquisition of A New Franchise Business in Malaysia:

If your interest is to set-up an franchise in Malaysia, we act as your Independent Consultant to assist you to choose a profitable franchise business, conducting Franchise Research and Due Diligence leading to the final decision to start up, company registration for the franchise business with a complete grand opening of the store. More on Franchise Business..

COMPANIES SUPPORT SYSTEM available as follows:
  • Company Setting Up Office with rental space sourcing 
  • Company Secretarial Matters
  • Opening of Employment Provident Fund Accounts, Socso and Income Tax
  • Accounting Matters
  • Auditing Matters
  • Taxation filling and advisory for company and employees
  • Human Resources Recruitment and Management
  • Regularly reporting submission requirement to relevant Malaysia Authorities 
  • Banking Account setup for company and individual account
  • Application for Various Tax Incentives and Pioneer status
  • Compliance and reporting on Tax Incentives  and Pioneer Status
Speak to us how we can guide you every step of your set-up to ensure all necessary approvals to obtained from registration of company, trade licences to final obtain your expatriate visa. We specializes only in serving expatriates community and we understand your needs well. 
Wesimplify your investment in Malaysia”. Feel free to call us at +603-2181 2882 or email us to understand all regulations before you start your business in Malaysia as each registration is well-connected to next step to obtain approvals from the authorities.

Alternatively, the faster way is to fill in our Business Investment Enquiry Form to better advise you to the right entity an structure to meet your objectives align with all Malaysia’s Governmental regulations, without wasting much time and cost for the wrong set-up!




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Investment Objectives

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Company Structure (present or intended)
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Other Comments

Please note that:
1. It is absolute important to get the right entity and business structure from the beginning for your intend business in order to get the all necessary approvals from various ministries, to avoid waste time and cost.
2. The right entity will lead you to much tax savings.
3. Company registration costing varies according to the authorized capital, industry and target market.
4. Permission to obtain expatriate visa under the company will be given according to current industry needs and it may not apply to all industries.
We are here to provide you the right answers, email us the form today!